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Since 2008 and consistent with the Foundation’s mission, the Board has given an estimated $40K in 40 grants to a wide range of nonprofit and charitable organizations, yet the endowment principle remains untouched in perpetuity because the interest earned from endowments investments is used to fund grants. Our grants span a broad spectrum of the Gorge’s culture & environment.

The HNG Foundation strongly feels that the grants we support should have a sustained impact on the community. We have identified several areas to focus our charitable grants on that specifically serve the Gorge. To see where we've already had an impact, please review Where HNGF Has Made An Impact.

Perhaps your company or organization works to serve the Hickory Nut Gorge community, please submit an HNGF Grant Application.

Enhancing & Protecting the Environment
Supporting Economic Vitality
Promoting Quality Health
Building Community
Supporting Education
Advancing the Arts
Assisting People in Need

Where Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation Makes an Impact

Over the years, our focus to impact the Hickory Nut Gorge community remains steadfast. We have granted awards to many organizations in these areas.

Area health facilities

Needy economic outreach
Community Center maintenance
Habitat for Humanity
Church fundraisers & scholarships
Volunteer fire departments

Agricultural projects & events
Land conservation programs

Gorge recreational parks

Nonprofit sports festivals

Arts festivals

Charter school programs
Regional library

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Invest in Our Community

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