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Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation

Leaving this place better than you found it.

​The Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation (HNGF) was founded in 2006 by the late James P. Dunn and his wife, Susan. Along with a handful of friends and supporters, the organization was formed out of a mutual desire to put the words, “leaving a place better than you found it,” into tangible results.

In its simplest terms, the Foundation was created as an endowment that will last forever. Our purpose is to help preserve, improve and serve the environment, wildlife and people who live in the Gorge, both now and in the future. 

Our organization awards grants to nonprofit organizations in the Gorge. Giving to the HNGF makes a permanent difference for future generations that will live in the Gorge. That’s because the earnings from your financial gifts are invested back into the community. It becomes a legacy that outlasts our own lives.

Board Officers

Crystal Morrison


Ned Kiser

Vice President

Jack Barton


Mary Reitano


Board Members

Paul Brock
Bob Keith
Ric Thurlby
Woody Turner

Board Members

Founders & Co-Founders

Andy Bell (F)
Thomas McKay (CF)
The Late James P. Dunn (CF)
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi (CF)

Charter Members & Chairmen

Edith Bond (CM)
Jeanine Nobel (CM)
Tommy Hartzog (CM, Co-Chair)
Valerie A. Hoffman (CM, Co-Chair)
Michael Frierman (Chairman)

Former Mayors, Lake Lure

The Late Kevin Cooley
Jim Proctor

Other Past Members

Mattie Decker
Doloras Foster
Cathy Leestma
Julie McKinney
Bill Miller
Jim Nordberg
Dawn Regan
Jim Rhodes
The Late Stuart Richardson
Joseph Satrape
April Schick
Cornee Yountz

Peter O'Leary

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Invest In Our Community

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