The Hickory Nut Gorge

On appearances, the grants we award are not big and splashy in terms of specific amounts, but they are significant in far more lasting ways.

From the very beginning, the Foundation’s leadership committed to being the type of organization that kept the reach of its support right here in the Gorge.
All the financial support that has ever been given to the Foundation has been invested back into the community.

That is why it is so important for the people of the Gorge to support the organization. Giving to the Foundation pays now and it pays forever. It pays now because it generates interest in the Foundation’s endowment. That interest is exactly what is used to award grants to local organizations.
The more you support it, the more there is to give back.

Some of the organizations that have received Foundation Grants over the years:

Chambers' Jobless Employee Relief - 'Buy-a-Bag-of-Groceries'
Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach - Pandemic Food Subsidy
Rutherford County Humane Society - Lil's Shop Maintenance
Blue Ridge Health's Telemedical Unit at LLCA
Chimney Rock Volunteer Fire Department - Repairs
The Little Garden that Grew
Lake Lure Classical Academy
Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach
Lake Lure Olympiad
Bill’s Creek Community Center
Upper Hickory Nut Gorge Community Center
The Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge
Fairfield Mountains Fire Department
Lake Lure Fire Department
Chimney Rock Volunteer Fire Department
The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge
The Carolina Raptor Center
The Lure of the Dragons Dragon Boat Races (A Charitable Festival that supports Camp Lurecrest)
Friends of the Hickory Nut Gorge
Habitat for Humanity of Rutherford County
Chimney Rock Village Community Development Association
Weed Action Coalition of Hickory Nut Gorge (via Conserving Carolina)
Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)
Lake Lure Community Education Foundation
Friends of the Mountain Branch Library

Getting a Grant from the HNG Foundation:

Traditionally, the board has selected grant recipients in an ‘around the table,’ exchange of suggestions among board members.
Because all of the board members are actively engaged in the communities of the Gorge, they have
good insights into community needs and opportunities.
However, the board also accepts grant applications from the public.

Here's what we need to know:

1. Name, address social security number or federal tax ID, and contact number for the organization.
2. Year founded
3. Disclosure of your business status - are you a non-profit, for-profit or an individual applicant?
4. Contact person representing the organization
5. The organization must reside in one of the five towns of the Gorge and it must serve the people and needs of the Gorge
6. The organization must explain how it will use the grant money if awarded, keeping in mind that the Foundation prefers to give grants to projects, causes, and plans that will have a more lasting impact. Generally speaking, we do not directly fund crisis or emergency types of needs, but we have awarded grants to organizations whose mission is focused on emergency needs.
7. Because good public relations is a win-win for both organizations, the funded organization is required to participate in publicizing receipt of the grant through all of their own promotional avenues, including newsletters, websites, social media pages, e-newsletters or articles to the local media.
8. The organization is required to participate in a publicity shot receiving the check from the Foundation’s Board of Advisors. 

You may apply anytime by printing out this form and sending it to: