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Remembering our Founder, James P. Dunn

A very wise person once stated, “It is easy to make a fortune in life, but it is much harder to make a difference.”

James (Jim) Patrick Dunn passed away March 2019. His is a story you should know. This man made a difference!

Jim grew up in upstate Ohio, and, in his youth, was a bit smaller than his classmates and, thusly, had to overcome many things on his way to manhood. He learned hardscrabble self-defense in the alleys of Toledo, and those real-life lessons led to an incredible adult life filled with success and compassion for others.

Jim started his “breadwinning” phase of life with nothing, and over many years, worked his way into ownership of a highly sought after company.
Prior to the eventual sale of that company, which he built from scratch, he made it clear to the buyer that he would not consummate the sale until he built in mechanisms to look after the very people that had made him successful - his employees.
He made all of them partners, and they and their families shared in the profits of the sale.  Jim Dunn was a compassionate visionary who always took care of those on “his team.”

Jim and his wife Susan settled in Lake Lure,  and they immediately identified and implemented ways to help the community. 
Moreover, his vision of giving back contained a perpetual component so that his creations would lead to generations of assistance to the community and citizens therein.

Jim was responsible for the Hickory Nut Gorge Community Covenant that is vital to civil public discourse in the Hickory Nut Gorge.  His flagship creation is the Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation. Both of these initiatives will outlive all of us and serve forever to better the lives of those who reside, visit and invest in our community.

The tagline for the Foundation is “Giving beyond the Horizon,” and this incredible man devoted part of his life to set up this trust so that it would safely navigate the ages to serve our beloved communities forever.   

You can pay a tribute to this hard-working, unselfish man by supporting an organization to which he gave life, an organization that will endure beyond the horizon.   Any amount you choose will help to build a secured principal fund that can never be touched but that will generate earnings which can then be used to help our greater Gorge communities. 

In the same way that our dear friend and visionary Jim Dunn made a difference, YOU too can “make a difference"’ to others forever.